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How to get to your money?

Invoice and overdue reminder

Not everyone who pays for payment has to be a chronic defaulter, but sometimes people forget, or postpone the payment for later (because they have no time “) or they are just lazy.

Remind your clients of their invoice payments via SMS. This will help you get your money faster than by email reminders. You can preset the text of the SMS so you can send it much faster.

What are the benefits of SMS reminders?

Improve your cashflow

Thanks to one SMS you can get your money faster. SuperFaktura simply sends an SMS for you according to the preset template, which will automatically set up all the important information in order for the client to pay you. Just a few clicks and wait for your money to come to your account.

92% of people have the phone on hand

Unlike an email, most people have their mobile phone within reach of their hand for a whole day, which allows you to contact them at any time. And your SMS will not end up in the SPAM folder.

98% of SMS messages are really read

Many emails remain unread. With SMS, it is exactly the opposite. By including your reminder, you will quickly increase the chance that your client will know about the unpaid invoice.