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Why SuperFaktura?

Because billing can be solved both efficient and simple.
From anywhere, anytime

From anywhere, anytime

SuperFactura can be used anywhere, whether you have a Windows, a Mac, or a smart phone whether you are on the beach by the sea, on the skiing in the Alps, or enjoy the peace and quiet of the D1 traffic.

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Easy and fast

Issuing an invoice with us is simple. Just a few clicks, write an item, select a client, and you're done. Instead of worries, nerves and unnecessary listing, you can devote yourself to something more fun.

Other functions
Always right

Always right

We are monitoring the legislation for you, so you do not have to worry about it. This ensures that the formal page of the document is always correct. Whether you are a payer or a non-payer of VAT, or you issue an invoice to a domestic or foreign customer.

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With us safe

With us safe

Safety and protection of your data is one of our highest priorities. In order to protect them from abuse, loss, theft or damage, we regularly apply the tests to reveal possible weak spots.

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Open system

Open system

SuperFaktura can communicate with your eshop, CRM, stock and company information system, and maybe you can teach her to work with a smart toaster. And just as easily transfer the data to your accounting system or courier service interface.

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Thousands of satisfied clients

We are pleased to help companies large and small achieve success:

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And finally

We have a fantastic service

Call us, write an email, or have fun chatting online. The most often you will be in contact with Alča or Cyntia, but if they were on holiday, there will always be someone answering your questions.

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