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Package comparison

I'm going to pay:
Basic package 129 /monthly Discount 480
Standard package 279 /monthly Discount 720
Premium package 469 /monthly Discount 960
Invoices and Delivery notes (14 languages), Costs, Contacts

Each of the documents displayed in SuperFaktura can be given to the client in Czech, Slovak, English, German, Hungarian, Croatian, Slovenian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch or Ukrainian.

unlimited unlimited unlimited
Mobile application (iOS, Android) yes yes yes
Import - Export Agenda
yes yes yes
Pairing bank statements

Get emails from your bank sent direct to SuperFaktura. We will process them and assign payments to the correct invoices and costs. We even provide a list of all bank movement in our Standard and Premium packages.

yes yes yes
Warehouse / Price list
yes yes yes
Sending documents by post

Stop going to the post office. Send your shipment directly from SuperFaktura. We will print them and take them to the mail for you.

yes yes yes
Price quotations, Orders, Concepts
no yes yes
Automatic reminders (SMS and email)

SuperFaktura itself will send your client a reminder before maturity, a reminder of a maturity, or a thank you for payment. Through both SMS and email.

no yes yes
VAT submission, Control statement, Summary statement no yes yes
Export for couriers

Export the issued invoices and import them into the courier company's system. No more rewriting data.

no yes yes

What happens to your account while you sleep? In the Inbox, you'll see all the automatic actions that have happened since you last signed in.

no yes yes
Automatic sending of regular invoices

You no longer have to worry about issuing regular invoices. SuperFaktura will do this automatically for you and even send the invoice to the customer.

no yes yes
More contact persons

Add an unlimited number of contacts to each business in your address book. When sending a document, you can then choose who you want to send it to.

no yes yes
Access for more users

Multiple users with different defined rights can access one account at a time - either for viewing or directly for data.

1 + accountant 1 + accountant unlimited
Tagging invoices and costs

Internal tagging of tags / tags will make it easier to search and manage all documents. It is a clever help in orientation between clients and projects.

no no yes
API (link to e-shop + free modules)

The API (SuperFaktura linking with e-shop) will delight all e-shop operators who will automatically be able to issue invoices in SuperFaktura.

no no yes
Different numbering of invoices

If you need to conduct a variety of numbers of invoices, for example by customers, the utility will retain invoices in order.

no no yes
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