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Quotations, orders, proforma invoices, delivery notes, ... Bill-without having to install, anywhere, anytime.

Profi invoices

You issue the first invoice within two minutes of a free registration. And it looks really good!

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The most affordable online payments

Give your clients the option to pay for your services or goods by simply clicking the "Pay" button on your invoice. You will get your money much sooner.

The lowest fees on the market

Foreign currencies and languages

All your documents are available in the SuperFaktura in up to 14 languages. And we support more than 20 different currencies.


Just, when you choose a size of the discount - for an item or for the whole invoice - you will please your clients. SuperFaktura simply recalculates all the numbers.

With or without VAT

VAT invoicing and without VAT is simple and accurately complies with valid legislation. We have not forgotten even partial payers and persons registered under the relevant regulations.

Regular invoices

Do you have clients that you regularly invoice the same amount? Set up regular invoicing and SuperFacture automatically creates an invoice at the right time and sends it to the client - either by email or by post.

Complete business process

From a quotation, through an order, proforma invoice, a tax receipt to a received payment, a delivery note to a billing invoice. From any document, you will be exposed by two more clicks.


By keeping track of your payments, you can maintain order and insight into your invoices. And equally comfortably, you can add payments even to your costs.

Automatic pairing

Did the money come to you? No manual payments adding to the issued documents! SuperFaktura automatically mark the document as paid.

The fastest paid invoices

The “Pay” button shown directly on an invoice gets you your money in up to 6 days on average (clients typically take 22 days to pay when using standard bank transfers). Online payments on unbeatable terms.

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Mobile payments

Accelerate payments for your goods or services to the fullest. Your client can simply use the phone to take a picture of the QR code on your invoice and make a payment without printing the necessary data.

SMS reminders

Did not you get any money? Send SMS reminder directly to the client from the SuperFaktura. Unlike the email, up to 98% of people read it shortly after sending.

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Automatic Reminders

If you have a large client base, simply set up automatic reminders before payment is due, when payment is overdue, or to thank them for payment. SMS and email options are available.

Costs and expenses

Record your expenses without unnecessary nerves.

Records of cost

No one likes to register costs. We realized that ... Seriously! With SuperFaktura, however, it is completely painless.

Regular costs

Do you have costs that are repeated each month (year)? Insurance, levying, renting? Set repeat on them and they will record automatically.


Your costs are categorized exactly where they belong. This makes it easy to find out your car expenses in the past year, or how much you paid for office supplies for the entire business.

Attach the document

For each cost, you can assign a scan, photo, or PDF document based on which cost has arisen. It stays so stored and always available and will not crumble or fade.

Bulk reimbursement of costs

Export all unpaid costs from the SuperFaktura and simply transfer them to your internet banking. No manual rewriting of sums, account numbers, variable symbols ...

Which banks are associated with SuperFaktura?

Handy tools

Time is money. Therefore SuperFaktura provides a number of tools which significantly saves time and money.

Agenda export

Export your invoices and costs to Excel or directly into accounting programs such as Pohoda, Money, MRP, DUEL, PROLUC, or the universal ISDOC format.

Export for courier

It allows fast export of SuperFaktura data into systems of more than 12 courier services.

Supported Courier Services


Using the API, you can link SuperFaktura with your eshop or other system to automatically issue invoices.

What all can you link with SuperFaktura?


Record your rides to your clients or let SuperFaktura generate it yourself. This is either "random" or according to issued documents.

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Warehouse / Price list

Create a pricelist of your services or goods. Issuing invoice will then be a breeze. And by keeping track of your inventory, you will also know what needs to be ordered.

EET and Cashier

With SuperFaktura, there is no fear for electronic sales, you simply create a cash register, upload a certificate, and register. And while EET does not concern you, you can still keep track of your earnings and costs in cash for a better overview.

VAT submission

Export electronic VAT submission for the Financial Administration: VAT return, Control statement and Summary statement.

Frequently asked questions

What happens to my data if one day I stop paying for SuperFaktura?
Your data will remain as well as account access. Despite inactive subscriptions, your invoices will remain in your account, but you will not be able to issue new documents or edit old ones. However, you will still have access to your account, and you can also export your data and documents.
How do I get my invoices to the accountant?
SuperFaktura is trying to make it as easy as possible for businessmen, but also for accountants. You can simply export your data directly in the appropriate format for the accounting software you are using. There is also the opportunity to create your accountant access to your account, and you do not have to worry about accounting. Your accountant can sign up and download the necessary data at any time.
Do I have to pay immediately after registration?
You do not have to. Immediately after signing up, you will be given 30 days free of charge to try the SuperFaktura without any obligation. During this time, you have time to try out all the features and choose to buy.